Football Fever Takes the Triangle to the Bitcoin Bowl

Bitcoin will be on the tongues of hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians next week, yet not in the way you may be thinking. The North Carolina State Wolfpack football team heads to St. Petersburg, Florida next week, as participants in this year’s Bitcoin Bowl. The excitement is overflowing at BitBasics, in part because we’re Wolfpack alums, but also because of the huge opportunity to share the joys of Bitcoin with a flood of new people.

An Interactive Bitcoin Fan Experience

Sporting events are one of the key areas where the potential of Bitcoin really shines, and the people of Bitpay, the Bowl’s primary sponsors, are going all out to show the fans why that is. While the game represents a haven for those already on the Bitcoin boat (Fans can purchase a whole Bitcoin Bowl travel package from tickets to hotels and transportation with the cryptocurrency), everyone will be able to share in one of the coolest non-football features at the Bowl, the Bitcoin FanZone. Here, fans can find Bitcoin ATMs, themed games and purchase merchandise with the coin, which is awesome all on its own.

Bitpay is really seizing on this educational opportunity here, however, and has also given booth space to wallet vendors who will be helping brand new users set up their wallets, and introducing them to the wonderful world of digital currency and instantaneous transfers. The businesses of St. Petersburg are joining in the fun for fans as well, with nearly 100 local vendors accepting Bitcoin, and allowing fans to experience the future of a digital economy. In today’s America where Bitcoin is present, but not yet fully grasped, the Bitcoin Bowl could drive thousands to join the digital future, and bring that future back here to the Triangle.

The New Digital Age of Sports

We still sit here at the beginning of a revolutionary change in so many ways, many of these ways we haven’t even thought of yet. As we see from the Bowl, sports is already being impacted by it, much to the benefit of the fans. Picture a world where you no longer wait in food lines, because you ordered and paid right from your seat. You don’t have to pay any of the stadium’s ridiculous ATM fees, nor have to deal with all the crumpled bills and loose change jammed in your pockets. The forward-thinking in the industry are already moving towards this future, and at the Bitcoin Bowl, much of the glorious future is already here.

Happy Holidays at the Bitcoin Bowl

The NC State-Central Florida Bitcoin Bowl match-up kicks off at 8pm on Dec. 26th at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, yet many will be there days prior, celebrating the holidays, soaking in the experience and, hopefully, our bright digital future. We hope you’ll join us down there, to tailgate, watch some great football and join us on our revolutionary quest to change the world, one Bitcoin at a time. Go Pack.