RTP 180: Blockchain FOLLOW UP

Blockchain is a complicated technology infrastructure platform that allows cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to operate to move money in transactions and should have mature remittance services like Western Union and MoneyGram looking like Toys R Us, an industry that has been disrupted by innovation and more efficiencies. The technology behind blockchain is self regulated much like how experts describe open source software.

Think about it this way from one of the presenters, Drago Bratic.

If an immigrant is sending their income back to their family in Europe, every $500 sent by Western Union would cost $42 in American dollars. But with a service like BitPesa, that $500 would cost $15 in American dollars. While the $27 difference may not seem like much to an American, if you do the exchange rate those $27 American dollars can mean several additional meals in other countries.

The four presenters had very little time – five minutes each – to discuss their expertise in this growing specialty. They seemed to be deep into the technologies, from the local IBM blockchain program leader to a duo of local entrepreneurs who host a local annual cryptocurrency conference.

The four speakers included: